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National Recovery Month

Say ‘No’ to Stigmas: September is National Recovery Month

It is an unfortunate truth that people who struggle with drugs or alcohol are frequently stigmatized and looked down upon. It is a phenomenon we have explored a number of times in this blog. The sad fact is that stigmas related to substance use disorders often contribute to a person’s...

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Addiction Recovery Baseball Analogy,

Recovery Lessons from the Baseball Diamond

Are you a baseball fan? Even if you aren’t, the odds are pretty good that you’re aware of the special role the game plays in American life. Maybe you know the game as “America’s pastime.” Maybe you know the words to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Perhaps you are...

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Gossip, Do Not Let Gossip Undermine Your Recovery!

Do Not Let Gossip Undermine Your Recovery

Our lives are filled with gossip. There is, of course, no shortage of celebrity gossip competing for our attention. Who is dating whom? Who broke up with whom? Who wrote a song about a person they broke up with but now are back together with? Who had plastic surgery? Who...

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Directory of Dangerous Drugs, Illegal Substances,

Directory of Dangerous Drugs: Part Two

In a recent blog entry, we offered a roundup of several legal drugs that can lead to substance use disorders if misused. In this entry, we will turn our attention to a number of illegal substances that can upend your life in short order.  On the one hand, we offer...

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smoking a cigarette, legal substances, Smoking and Drinking

Directory of Dangerous Drugs: Part One

It is sad but true: There are an awful lot of substances in the world that are dangerous.  Many of those substances are drugs. In fact, even drugs that are intended to be beneficial can, if misused, lead to the development of a substance use disorder. And if a person...

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“just stay sober”, just stay sober, just keep swimming,‘, Just Stay Sober’ in Practice

‘Just Keep Swimming’ as a Recovery Manta

Remember Dory, the forgetful fish from Pixar’s 2003 movie Finding Nemo? Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, had a specific approach to life—no matter what challenges she encountered. When faced with difficulties, Dory would remind herself to “just keep swimming.” While we admit that it might seem odd to turn to...

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The Gratitude Journal, The Creative Journal, The Goals Journal, The Reflection Journal

The Advantages of Journaling on the Recovery Journey

Imagine you are going on a trip. And not just any trip, either. This is the trip of a lifetime, something you have been planning for a long, long time. You have been saving money, creating an itinerary, finding the best travel and lodging options, scheduling time away, and more....

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Too Much, phone addiction, phone

Turning Off Phone Notifications Can Support Sobriety

It seems like our collective attention span is getting shorter and shorter. It also seems like the only thing most people can truly give sustained attention to is their phone. And let’s face it, our phones are pretty darn amazing. They give us access to an astonishing amount of knowledge...

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Frequently asked questions about The Aviary Recovery Center, Frequently asked questions, Recovery Resources, Mindfulness, Recovery podcasts, Recovery documentaries, Relapse prevention,

A Roundup of Resources for Recovery

We are delighted to offer this blog as an ongoing resource for people who are considering seeking treatment for a substance use disorder as well as for those who are already on their recovery journey. This blog provides information on a whole range of topics, and we hope and trust...

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timeline of the heroin epidemic - vintage medications - the aviary recovery center

A Timeline of the Heroin Epidemic (2023)

The United States is in the midst of a heroin epidemic, with more people dying from overdose by the day. Heroin has been causing havoc for centuries, both on a global and personal scale. From wars to overdoses, heroin's history is volatile and deadly. It all started in 3400 B....

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