woman having a breakthrough in group therapy - treatment approach - aviary recovery center - st. louis intensive outpatient treatment - missiouri iop - drug and alcohol rehabWelcome to The Aviary Recovery Center. We use a treatment approach focused on caring for the whole person and integrating addiction treatment, nutritional balance, emotional health, physical wellness, spirituality, and psychiatric health into recovery.

A comprehensive assessment by one of our licensed professionals will help us build your personalized recovery plan. Knowing your strengths, challenges, and usage habits will give us insight into how to tap into what makes you the unique individual you are to help you build resiliency and persevere through challenging times.

Therapeutic Treatment Approaches

While alcohol and drug addiction is the primary reason people come to us for treatment, underlying co-occurring issues can often be stumbling blocks to recovery. In order to address these challenges, our doctorate- and master’s-level clinicians draw from a variety of therapeutic treatment approaches that can include:

We believe it is important to create a therapeutic alliance between the client and therapist for a positive outcome. Your personalized recovery plan is created by you and your primary therapist based on what you believe is at the center of your addiction. It will include the elements and relationships of your life that you feel are important to address. Our small group sizes allow for a greater opportunity for working through specific challenges of the individual while drawing from the experiences of the whole supportive group.

Components of Your Personalized Addiction Treatment Plan

The components built into your plan will be addressed in:

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