Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Residential Treatment and Outpatient Treatment at The Aviary Recovery Center. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us anytime at (888) 998-8655.

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Residential Treatment FAQs

Is smoking permitted at Residential Treatment?
All patients with smoking histories are offered Nicotine Replacement Therapy—such as gum or patches—in order to control their craving for nicotine. Many find that the break from smoking helps them to feel better and recover physically during their stay. For those who are not ready to give up their tobacco use we offer scheduled outdoor smoking breaks throughout the day. Please bring a supply to last your entire stay. NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED INSIDE ANY BUILDING.
What is the food like?
All meals during your stay will be provided and prepared on site by a dietary team, overseen by our chef, that focuses on nutritional balance and diversity. If you have any dietary restrictions, please notify our staff immediately so that we can accommodate you appropriately. In addition to these mealtimes, healthy snack options are provided. We focus on balance: caloric intake is a priority of our integrated whole health approach. For safety reasons, no food or other consumable items may be brought to the program.
Who can visit and when is visitation?

Up to 2 family members at one time may visit a client during scheduled visiting time. The number and age of visitors during visitation is limited. Weekend visitation schedule is Sunday from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Are phone calls, cell phones, computers, or electronics permitted?
You will have access to telephones on-unit. Your family can call the nursing station and leave a message, and our staff will give you the message as soon as possible. Since we provide phone services, we do not allow personal cell phones or electronic devices on-unit. We recommend that patients write down phone numbers that they will need during their stay. We recommend you set up vacation voicemails to inform potential callers that you will be unable to answer their calls at this time. If you have any communication or technological concerns, your case manager will be happy to help you come up with a solution.
Is there a daily activity schedule?
At the core of our program is developing a safe, structured environment with the right amount of flexibility. The day has scheduled meal times, programming, leisure time and break times. The schedule will mirror that of a typical work or school day. The activities provided are meant to help you prepare for your life after treatment. Thus, we expect that all patients participate, unless the medical staff deems that you are medically unable to do so.
Does The Aviary have medical oversight?
24 hour medical oversight is available. Physicians and nursing staff are on site to manage medical conditions.
Do you offer Detox medications?
The decision to take medication is always a decision between you and your physician. A safe, medically-monitored detox is offered to transition your care. The detox protocol utilized will be discussed with you prior to implementation.
What if I am on medication?

The decision to take medication is always a decision between you and your physician. If you take medication prior to admission, please inform the Admissions Staff of all current prescription and non-prescription medications you are taking. Please include the name, dosage and frequency of each medication, as well as the name of the prescribing physician. All prescriptions must be current, your name must be on the prescription label and there should be no more than the prescribed amount of pills in the bottle. Please bring at least one week of prescription medications with you. A nurse will review all medications with you after admission.

*If you have a prescription card through your insurance company, bring it with you. Prescriptions are filled at the local pharmacy and kept in the medication room. Medication costs are the responsibility of the client.

Can I bring Over-The-Counter (OTC) medications?
New, unopened OTC medications are allowed. Nighttime medications are prohibited. Medications with pseudoephedrine ingredients and weight control supplements are prohibited.
What type of recreational activities will we do?
Our therapy staff will provide leisure education and planning after assessing your recreation and leisure needs. Our on-campus gym contains exercise and leisure activity equipment. The gym and basketball court are available daily at scheduled times as to not interfere with scheduled programming. A patio and lawn are available for recreation dependent on weather, along with a volleyball court, ponds and walking trails.

Outpatient Treatment FAQs

Is there a dress code at Outpatient Treatment?
Dress comfortably. Clothing cannot be revealing or inappropriate (questionable apparel will be determined at the discretion of staff).
I’m a smoker. Will I be permitted to smoke at The Aviary while attending Outpatient Treatment?
For those who are not ready to give up their tobacco use we offer scheduled smoking breaks throughout the program.
When are meals?
The daily program schedule is short enough that you may eat before and after the program.
Are phone calls, cell phones, computers, and electronics permitted at The Aviary?
Since this is an outpatient program, we ask that you keep your electronic devices in your vehicle or at home. The schedule is structured and does not allow for lengthy conversation during the program.
Do you have a Family Program / Family Weekend?
Yes, It is recommended that families be intimately involved in supporting their loved one during treatment and also in caring for themselves. We have developed a Family Wellness Program specifically for the concerned significant other. Designed as an educational and social support program providing tools to promote healing and recovery.
What is the IOP schedule?
At the core of our program is developing a safe, structured environment with the right amount of flexibility. The program is designed to maximize your time and support your recovery, so there are short breaks during the program. The schedule consists of education about your illness, family dynamics, medical implications, medication use and a variety of other issues. There are process groups that allow you share and learn from others about what has and has not worked previously and what to change in the key areas of your life. There is always an opportunity to learn and develop various skills – communication, relapse prevention, nutrition and exercise, life skills, changing and developing friendships, intimacy and finding who you are.
Is there medical oversight at The Aviary?

Physicians and nurses are part of the program to manage medical conditions and provide medical supervision.

I’m on medications. Is that OK?
The decision to take medication is always a decision between you and your physician. Your physicians will discuss treatment plan options with you during your stay.
Do you have more questions? Contact us anytime at
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