family silhouette at sunset - family wellness program - the aviary recovery center intensive outpatient program IOP near St Louis MissouriAt the Aviary Recovery Center, we know that addiction impacts more than just the client. The family environment needs to be adjusted in order to realize long-term recovery.

The Family Wellness Program allows for family members to become engaged in the process of helping and supporting their loved one. At The Aviary, we take the opportunity to create an experience that is safe, supportive, educational and positive for the family and loved ones of the alcoholic or addict. We take the time to provide education about communication, accountability and support groups.

We have developed a program specifically for the concerned significant other. Designed with an 8-week rotating curriculum, this program can be joined any week treatment begins.

Education topics include:

  • How addiction affects the brain, your life and those around you
  • Understanding the disease of addiction
  • Self-Care
  • Family dynamics
  • Holding boundaries
  • Safe communication techniques
  • Conflict resolution, and prioritization

The classes are taught by a mental health/addiction professional who understands the difficulties of attempting to manage life under these stressful circumstances. The goal is to create an understanding environment that fosters less depression, less anger and more family cohesion. The identified family will become a key part of the process to gain strength and to create, embrace and foster an environment of recovery. The Aviary Family Wellness Program will allow the family to try new skills and adjust them after receiving feedback from the treatment team, other families and the client.

Additional subjects covered include:

  • How to plan the next steps when the client leaves treatment
  • How to react when your loved one is struggling with their perception of their past or continued use
  • Preparing the client to return to home and to the work environment

Evidence has shown that this type of Family Training can help to motivate participants’ loved ones into making changes in their own life as well. In similar programs, about two-thirds of loved ones seek help for their addictions. The Family Wellness Program is based on kindness and compassion for every member of the family, helping everyone become who they want to be.

For more information about our Family Wellness Program or any of our services, please contact us anytime at
(888) 998-8655.