They say a picture is worth 1,000 words—which suggests that a video may be worth many times more (though your humble blog writer is not entirely convinced). In 2021, members of The Aviary Recovery Center staff appeared on “Show Me St. Louis” to discuss various aspects of our programs and approach to helping individuals struggling with substance use disorders. In these brief but informative videos, you can learn about The Aviary and about the commitments and approaches to substance use disorder and mental health disorder treatment that set us apart.

Here’s a rundown of four videos about The Aviary Recovery Center—and links to see them for yourself.

Learn About the Admissions Process

In a segment called “Help & Hope: Aviary Recovery Center discusses the admission process,” you can learn about The Aviary’s commitment to being available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week for those who need access to treatment for a substance use disorder.

The same video features a conversation about co-occurring mental health disorders and the ways in which those challenges are often intertwined with a substance use disorder. The Aviary Recovery Center has the expertise and experience necessary to address these co-occurring disorders—whether they are related to one of the many kinds of depression, anxiety or panic disorders, or trauma experiences.

Lastly, the segment includes a reflection on compassion and its centrality to the work we do at The Aviary Recovery Center. Notably, some members of The Aviary staff are themselves in recovery, giving them extra insight into the emotions and difficulties a person who needs help may be experiencing.

Hear About our Holistic Approach to Care

Many things factor into the quality of a recovery center—but perhaps nothing is more important than the therapists and other caregivers who work directly with individuals to help them reclaim their sobriety, their mental health, and their lives.

In a segment titled “Help & Hope: Aviary Recovery Center offers detoxification, residential services and outpatient treatment,” you can learn more about our commitment to a holistic approach to treatment. You will also learn more about the impressive credentials of the people who work at The Aviary Recovery Center.

Realizing the Reality of Relapse

Ideally, a person would go through treatment for a substance use disorder and then be confident that they will never use drugs or alcohol again. But that, of course, is not necessarily the case. In a segment called “Help & Hope: Aviary Recovery Center discusses relapse,” the point is made that a substance use disorder is a chronic health condition—and just like any other chronic issue, challenges will ebb and flow.

The Aviary Recovery Center offers relapse prevention education as well as outpatient treatment options that can help an individual struggling to stay sober.

The most important point here is that relapse is not the end of your recovery journey. Asking for help again may be a blow to your pride (a concern we understand and address via our commitment to compassionate, nonjudgmental care), but it is the best way to start again.

Understanding the Important of Evidence-Based Approaches

When it comes to getting treatment for a substance use disorder, you don’t want your caregivers playing hunches or using cookie-cutter approaches. Instead, you want to be confident that you are receiving evidence-based care. As you can hear in a video titled “Aviary Recovery Center offers holistic approach to substance use and health treatment,” The Aviary Recovery Center is well known and well regarded in the field for its successful implementation of evidence-based care.

In addition, this clip includes a rundown of recreational and therapeutic opportunities on site and reveals just how beautiful The Aviary Recovery Center surroundings are. The lovely setting supports the work of the treatment and recovery.

Nothing Beats the In-Person Experience

We hope this blog and the four videos have helped you get a good sense of what we offer at The Aviary Recovery Center and how those services could help you regain your sobriety. We hope you have a sense of our commitment to evidence-based care and ongoing support for your recovery journey.

But most of all, if you are struggling with a substance use disorder (and co-occurring mental health disorders), we hope that you are ready to get the help you need. Learning about treatment options is important. Getting treatment is essential.

Looking for an addiction rehab in Georgia? For more information about The Aviary Recovery Center, please contact us anytime at (888) 998-8655. We’re here to help.