You can find inspiration for your recovery journey almost anywhere. Even on Mars.

Since 1997, NASA has landed five rovers on Mars, allowing for remarkable exploration of the planet. That, of course, is not an easy thing to do by any measure. NASA recognizes—and works tirelessly to overcome—the challenges. In recognition of the impressive and consistent effort required to complete these missions, the space agency has given its rovers inspiring names that honor the difficulties and the possibilities. 

As it would turn out, those rover names are applicable to your recovery from a substance use disorder, too. After all, the recovery journey—like the journey to Mars—includes both difficulties and possibilities. And a little inspiration can go a long way.

Let’s look at each rover’s name and what each name might suggest for your recovery.


The rover known as Sojourner landed on Mars in 1997. Its name reflects the notion of being a temporary resident of a place—someone who has come from far away to visit a new land. 

How does that relate to recovery? Well, you could think of your time in residential treatment as a sojourn. You leave your day-to-day life and enter a place devoted to helping you make an essential change in your life. While you are a sojourner in treatment, you reclaim your sobriety, learn strategies for maintaining it, and return to your regular life changed. 


The Spirit rover arrived on Mars in 2004. Its name suggests energy and optimism—even in the face of challenges.

A positive and grateful spirit can underpin your recovery journey and help you overcome the inevitable challenges that come with staying sober. A spirited approach to recovery will find you doing the work to keep cravings at bay, to manage stress effectively, to strengthen positive relationships while ending negative associations, and to stay sober one day at a time. When the going gets tough (and it will), your positive spirit can make all the difference.


Opportunity also made it to Mars in 2004. Its name is a good reminder that treatment and recovery allow you to reclaim your life and all of the opportunities sobriety provides.

When you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you likely saw the range of opportunities in your life start to shrink. Maybe your substance use made you ineffective at work and you missed opportunities to advance. Maybe your substance use led to financial trouble and cost you the opportunity to enjoy a vacation. Maybe your substance use upended a promising relationship and cost you a potential friend or partner. 

Getting sober reopens a whole world of opportunities. 


The rover called Curiosity landed on Mars in 2012. Its name suggests the importance of taking an interest in new things and learning when the chance presents itself.

When it comes to your recovery, curiosity can play a number of roles. For example, your curiosity might lead to a new hobby or interest that supports your ongoing sobriety. Your curiosity might lead you to try something new—like mindfulness, yoga, journaling, and a host of other options—that can be a benefit as you work to stay sober. Your curiosity might lead you to try a new recovery program if your current program does not seem like a perfect fit.


NASA’s rover Perseverance landed on Mars in 2021. Its name is perhaps the most relevant to the recovery journey. When you are working to maintain your sobriety, perseverance is your watchword.

Nothing difficult can be accomplished without perseverance. When you face a setback—even a setback as serious as a relapse—it is perseverance that will get you back on track. A commitment to perseverance means that you know your goal is far too important to give up on no matter how hard things get. 

We Will Not Rove When it Comes to Helping You

The Mars rovers are all about moving around the planet to make new discoveries. The Aviary Recovery Center, on the other hand, is all about being a steady, reliable presence where you can get personalized, evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, or trauma-based issues.

At our beautiful facility near St. Louis, MO, we will see you through medically supervised detoxification; provide resources, strategies, and support during rehabilitation; and encourage your early days of recovery through our continuum of care. When you are ready to get sober, we are ready to help.