inpatient drug rehab in St. Louis, Drug rehab near St. Louis - main building - the aviary recovery center - st. louis individualized addiction treatment - outpatient treatment near St. Louis Missouri - drug and alcohol rehab - iopWhen it comes to addiction, the numbers do not lie.

Take a look at Missouri: In 2014, 36,668 people served in a substance disorder program. In 2016, that number has increased to 38,170 and, sadly, these numbers don’t include those still suffering or those whom we have lost to the disease of addiction. With the many treatment options available, pairing the right one with your situation can be confusing. That’s why many people suffering with addiction choose the top successful and highly reviewed drug rehab near St. Louis: The Aviary Recovery Center.

With two locations, we offer both an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and a 24/7 residential treatment program. Our IOP is tailored for those who are able to enter recovery while continuing to manage their work, life and home responsibilities. Our residential treatment program is designed for those able to stay at the facility full-time while receiving around-the-clock care and detoxification if necessary. The medical team at Aviary Recovery Center will provide a comprehensive psychological and medical assessment to determine which program is best suited for your personal long-term sobriety success. By offering two different programs at two different locations, The Aviary Recovery Center has become the most sought out drug rehab near St. Louis.

Drug rehab near St. Louis - the aviary recovery center, inpatient drug rehab in St. LouisBoth treatment programs teach the essential recovery tools needed to live a life independent from alcohol and substances.

This may be accomplished through group, individual and/or family sessions. Clients learn by sharing personal challenges and successes, uncovering emotional barriers, developing effective communication skills, exploring personal co-occurring disorders and learning more about the disease of addiction. Recovery is within reach and extremely freeing.

By choosing Aviary’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment, or their full-time 24/7 Residential Treatment Program, you’ll feel completely comfortable and safe while receiving the best continuum of care by the top specialists in the field of addiction.

Call The Aviary Recovery Center and speak to an admission specialist. We are available to answer any questions and concerns you may have. We are also available to discuss and verify any insurance benefits if applicable. Take the first step and learn how choosing the best drug rehab near St. Louis can change your life.

For more information about The Aviary Recovery Center, please contact us anytime at (888) 998-8655. We’re here to help.

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