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Dual Diagnosis Rehab Near Springfield, Illinois

Aviary Recovery Center specializes in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction with co-occurring illnesses. Our experienced staff of physicians, nurses, social workers, and recovery coaches understand the needs of our clients and are dedicated to supporting you through your journey to health and wellness.

Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment and Co-Occurring Disorders

While alcohol and drug addiction is the primary reason people come to us for treatment, underlying co-occurring issues can often be stumbling blocks to recovery. To address these challenges, our doctorate- and master’s-level clinicians draw from a variety of treatment approaches.

Dual Diagnosis Concerns: A Complex Challenge

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) and substance use disorders (SUDs) frequently co-occur, meaning individuals struggle with dependence on both alcohol and other substances simultaneously.

This raises significant concerns for several reasons:

  • Increased Severity: Co-occurring AUD and SUDs are often more severe than either disorder alone. Individuals experience more intense withdrawal symptoms, higher relapse rates, and greater health complications.
  • Complexities in Diagnosis and Treatment: Accurately diagnosing and treating co-occurring disorders requires specialized expertise to address the interactions between both substances and their impact on the individual.
  • Elevated Risks: The combination of substances can lead to increased risks of overdose, accidents, injuries, and mental health issues like depression and anxiety.
  • Prevalence and Underlying Factors: Studies show that approximately 40% of individuals with AUD also have a co-occurring SUD, and vice versa. Various factors contribute to this co-occurrence, including:
  • Shared risk factors: Genetics, mental health conditions, trauma, and impulsivity can influence susceptibility to both alcohol and other substances.
  • Self-medication: Individuals may use alcohol or other substances to cope with symptoms of another addiction or mental health disorder.
  • Cross-sensitization: Certain substances can increase sensitivity to others, making it easier to develop a dependence on both.

Creating Positive Outcomes with Personalized Addiction Treatment Plans

We believe it is important to create a therapeutic alliance between the client and therapist for a positive outcome. Your personalized recovery plan is created by you and your primary therapist based on what you believe is at the center of your addiction.

It will include the elements and relationships of your life that you feel are important to address. Our small group sizes allow for a greater opportunity for working through specific challenges of the individual while drawing from the experiences of the whole supportive group.

Program Features for Dual Diagnosis

Psycho-educational group sessions

Psycho-educational group sessions can be a valuable therapeutic approach, particularly in settings such as schools, community centers, mental health clinics, or support groups. Psycho-educational groups offer an educational environment that empowers participants with knowledge and skills to improve their well-being.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Aviary Recovery Center team is fully versed in the various medications that can help those with substance use disorders. Medication-assisted therapy should only be pursued under the care of physicians who have expertise and experience in its use. Aviary Recovery Center is a leader in MAT and its uses as part of a personalized approach to care.

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Equine-assisted Psychotherapy

The horses live on the grounds of The Aviary, which has a barn and a pasture on the property. An indoor arena is being built as well. Wire and The Aviary’s equine specialists feed and care for the horses throughout the week, while on the weekends some of the recovery center’s extended care clients handle the feeding and chores. 

Therapeutic recreation activities

The idea is that recreational activities can be leveraged to provide real mental wellness gains. So whether it’s hiking or bowling or making music or any of a huge number of other options, the goals of recreational therapy are the same.