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Comprehensive Drug Treatment Near Jefferson City, MO

We are located just a few hours from Jefferson City and less than a one-hour drive from St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

We offer inpatient care and outpatient care for those suffering from their addictions. Addiction leaves those affected feeling lost, overwhelmed, and hopeless. We here at the Aviary Recovery Center believe in treating the whole person and are also experienced in treating those with dual diagnoses.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Our philosophy is to treat the whole person, integrating good nutrition, and addressing physical, spiritual, psychiatric, and emotional deficiencies as well as alcohol and drug addictions. We believe these things should be treated like other diseases. There is hope for a better life free from addiction and we teach new skills and tools for living a productive life again.

Drug Treatment Near Jefferson City, MO - the aviary recovery centerAviary’s Drug Addiction Treatment near Jefferson City

At our drug treatment near Jefferson City, MO, we have a team of social workers, counselors, physicians, nurses, and recovery coaches to professionally assess individual needs and formulate a treatment plan to work for each individual that is personal.

The Aviary has physicians to assess a safe detox plan for those requiring help from withdrawal symptoms. We have a residential treatment program for those suffering from trauma that offers a sober support system. This program heals body, mind, and spirit, as well as helping them to discover their individual strengths and how to stay sober.

The Aviary Recovery Center has an intensive 3-month outpatient program that strengthens recovery life skills at our Kirkwood, MO, location. Studies have shown outpatient programs improve the lifelong ability to live free from addiction through 12 step programs. Our drug treatment near Jefferson City, Mo., also offers a Family Wellness Program that educates family members about addiction and helps them process the effects addiction has on the whole family.

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For more information about The Aviary Recovery Center, please contact us anytime at (888) 998-8655. We’re here to help.