For accredited and evidenced-based addiction treatment at a rehab near Columbia, MO, consider The Aviary Recovery Center. Located about 90 minutes away in Eolia, MO, north of St. Louis, our facility specializes in a customized, whole health approach for effective recovery.

An Entire Team Dedicated to Your Wellness

Living Room at Aviary Recovery Center - Missouri Addiction Treatment Center, addiction treatment Near Columbia, alcohol treatment St. LouisAddiction rarely happens in a bubble—in fact, approximately 80 percent of people diagnosed with substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD) also have a dual diagnosis of a mental health condition or mood disorder. How can you be sure you or a loved one will receive the most focused care if you have to spend a lot of time and resources going from specialist to specialist?

The top advantage of choosing the right rehabilitation facility is trusting the staff can not only treat AUD and SUD, but also the evasive underlying factors that might contribute to or worsen these conditions. The Aviary is an all-in-one treatment center and rehab near Columbia, MO. Our board-certified staff includes physicians, counselors, recovery coach professionals, nurses, and social workers who work together to design an individual continuum of care plan specifically for you.

Our philosophy is addiction is a chronic disease. As such, with the right approach, it can be managed successfully, just like other health conditions. But it requires progressive, unified attention from a medical team who understands all aspects of your life. More importantly, you should have the assurance that custom care will address all of your or a loved one’s emotional, mental, and physical needs.

The Aviary has an extensive detoxification program, but effective AUD and SUD recovery is so much more than eliminating toxins. Our team also provides:

Even if two people suffer from addiction, they’re not alike. So, every residential treatment experience must be different, tailored to promote the best possible individual outcome not only for addiction recovery, but long-lasting sobriety and wellness.

Why Rehab Away From Home Might Help You

Choosing to go out-of-town for rehab is a big decision, as most people spend at least 30 days in residential care. If you have particular family or work obligations, you might think an outpatient addiction program in your hometown would be better. In some cases, this could be true if these other responsibilities need daily attention and there’s no one to help in the interim.

The Aviary Recovery Center main building - Missouri drug rehab facility, addiction treatment Near Columbia, alcohol treatment St. LouisBut if you or a loved one needs addiction rehabilitation at a rehab near Columbia, MO and still desires a change of scenery, The Aviary might be the perfect option. Since it’s only 90 minutes away, it’s still close enough for family and friend support if that’s what you’d like, but far enough away that you can benefit from fewer distractions to focus on healing.

Centers like The Aviary might also have more expansive resources to offer well-integrated addiction and mental health care that are only accessed during a long-term stay. This immersion helps reinforce a commitment to wellness—it’s simply not as easy to quit just as you’re on the verge of important discoveries.

You can always be assured of safety and discretion when you’re with us, too, no matter what your personal circumstances might be. Every resident has access to 24/7 holistic care in a therapeutically-designed environment. The Aviary is your healing sanctuary for however long you need it to be.

When your stay is complete, we’re still not that far away. You’ll always have an extensive network of aftercare support from The Aviary, whether through our social pages and alumni events or from the counselors who encourage your continued progress by connecting you with resources in your home community. This outreach is all part of effective relapse prevention planning to assure the best future possible.

Our Doors Are Open at The Aviary in Eastern Missouri

You know it’s time to make a change: one that can help release the past and set a course for a more promising journey through life. It all starts right now—call or email one of our admissions advisors today to learn how The Aviary, a rehab near Columbia, MO, can help you.